Le Carre d'etoiles

Have you ever thought, trying to look at the stars from the rooftop of your apartment building, in spite of the lighting coming from the city, that it could be otherwise? That you could look at them from your own little bubble of paradise away from the overcrowded urban space? 

Let's see and try to imagine you are walking along the Loire in France through the lands among the daisies, and you just want one simple thing : to stay there, wait for the night to come, and the sun to rise. 

You have already tried everything : trailers, caravans, small boats, even catamarans... What else do you think we are going to tell you about know...? 
Have a guess : it looks like a cube, it is made in wood and other ecofriendly materials, it can be brought to you anywhere you wish.
A tilt ?
You're burning! But it is more than just a tilt. You would have round windows, even one on the roof, and it would be big enough for four people to sleep. 
It is more like a little hotel room.
Everything you need is there, a kitchen corner, a shower, toilets, a cabin bed, parquet floors, a hotel service, a high-tech equipment...

I did not say everything : there is also a bio-ethanol chimney!

The Carre d'etoiles enables you to land on this spot you chose spontaneously. So far so good. It will also give you the eyes you wanted to look at the stars from your new "home". 

Lying on your bed you will be able to contemplate the sky trough the transparent rooftop dome and a telescope is there for you to take a closer look. Because there are still a few places on our planet where you can see the whole sky and its stars, the Carre d'etoiles was made to help you take your time and feel the infinite of the starry vault...

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