after all maybe we are not so far from it, in space and time

Maybe, the baby mutant is the girl next door...

Maybe not yet, this is a bit exagerated BUT the first genetically modified embryo did exist : should we now say it or he did exist? It/he even was fluorescent and green. Thus the famous little green guys with antennas won't come from out of space but from our laboratories ? from OUR Earth? worse, OUR hands?

You had enough already? ... well sorry but it's not finished yet...let's now consider chimeras , human-animal hybrid embryos. We are working on it, be patient, they just have to look up a few legislative papers, and you might see soon a great picture of them on the next first page of the Times.
Anyways "It's already too late to stop human-animal hybrids. Duh'bya is a pig, Congress is full of pigs, the police are pigs..." (Noah Important-Wired)

Well, let's get a bit more serious now.

It is hard to believe how close we are to such a situation. Because we now know that embryos have been genetically modified, now, but we have been informed of this experiement one year almost after they first mentionned it. Who knows what is going on now?
I'm astonished to see so much positive opinions about GM, as I was actually reading the article I thought that most of the comments would be critical and cons.

I will need a good night to think about it, one more time. I have never came upon positive consequences of GM. So far, I've only seen it as an "irresponsible progress".
These two comments are especially puzzling :

"Those who can't afford it will be left behind ... the human race will split off into two branches, one perfect, the other saddled with all our deficiencies [...] The problem is that the criteria used to decide who gets "improvement" and who doesn't will be based on the socio-economic status of the parents. What if there's a way to ensure that people from all levels of society can get this? We might have to handle this like the atom bomb - with international treaties to try and bring the whole race along."

"[That] is the exact reason I believe we should develop this technology as swiftly as we can, subject to the afore mentioned guidelines. Since we can't put the genie back in the bottle then it necessarily follows that those who don't follow the guidelines will abuse the technology. This then leads to the necessity of society being capable of handling the problems such will create. Without serious effort to develop this technology we won't be ready or able to do so."

Ward's statement makes sense, definitely. However I think he is still in his dreams. If any abuse is made for the genetical improvement of only a few "dominants", ...dominants have always been around, their power would be highly multiplied, no reason to share it, since it is in their interest to dominate (hello Bourdieu!) ...I mean, at some point in the conversation, GM was compared nuclear weapons to GM, well think of a highly g. modified military unit of a rich country versus the one of a poor country.

We have just put a dangerous step in a New world.

"I, for one, welcome our glowing, fluorescent green overlords." (Paul)

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