I often see weird people in the subway. Or maybe I am the weird one who see people just as if they were coming from another planet. 

Today I had by my side a woman looking just like I used to imagine Russian women when I was little and watching the Disney movie Anastasia : beautiful tall women with dark fur coat that has hair only around the wrists, pretty hands with big gold rings, a small leather bag and dense curly hair. I won't dare to look at her face but I can figure that she might have long curved eye lashes, maybe blue eyes. Nothing weird so far. Wait.
The thing is that to read the book she has on her knees she seems to say "no" to every sentence she finishes. She seems to have this habit that Italians have when they exaggerate everything they say using their hands like if they were going to start a fight. I feel like she is reading the first sentence on the left page and then switch to the first one on the right page, reading the first lines on both pages as if they were only a very long one. I am actually reading over her shoulder, this is a bad habit I have, but I wonder what kind of sentence we could get if we read a book that way. Let's try :
"I was permitted to tag along. I was delighted : after months of feeling back a clean-cut no. Even a close family member like my mother half patched him all over."
Does that make sens ? I mean, I am sure that with certain pages it might work well and produce great images.
I am the weird one now. Writing down my neighbor readings. Well, whatever.
Let's look at other people around, six over ten are sleeping and four over eight are using their Ipod, too loud though. I can recognize what they are listening to .

Oh great, with my stupid stories I missed my stop. 
Well, I should have thought it had to happen, it's not my day. I am going on the other direction. The train is terribly empty now. An add from Continental airlines tells me to " work hard and fly right", well, thanks for the advice, I am doing my best already. 
Let's get off at this stop following the red exit sign even if I feel like rushing through the emergency one, and struggle with the wind. Payless shoes store, AT&T, Duane Read, HSBC, Starbucks Coffee, Staples, Rite Aid, Macdonalds, Queens County Banking Service, Citi, Radio Shack, Bank of America, Vitamin Shoppe....

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