Straight to the Bowling Scgreen

I was walking around my grand mother's house last week when I stepped on a hard box, containing this journal. Even though it was not in bad shape, I was not able to read it entirely because it was not all in english, the writer also used a kind of weird script composed of holes and black dots. Anyways, here are the first paragraphs, if you think you have heard of anything in relation with this story, it could help me in my investigation, so I would be extremely grateful if you could speedbubble me as soon as you can through my bone implant messenger (stirial # 163/5284/92): 

"It was such a hard life we had in the OYC that I decided not to wake up anymore if it was to see each one of my actions supervised by Ms. Carlington. I could not bear her piggy nose, her tuna eyes behind her low decibel adapted ears. On the top of it, these two long antennas coming out of her back were actually two long hair sensible to any molecule movement around her. 

That night had to be my last night there. I needed to find a solution. I sneaked into the high energizing powder room in which kilocalories were drown from tube to tube, mixed with vitamin C and D and a pink colored spinach which tasted like mango, if I can assume that mango tastes that way, I am not sure, it is just what they say. I grabbed a pair of sun powered scissors and put them in my boots waiting for the night to come. 
She was there sleeping on her vertical bed, on the stomach so that the two antennas could still feel any danger. I had to be quick to cut them both at the same time without being detected. Finally all went the way I wanted and the next day I was able to pass behind her without being noticed. 
I knew that the back door was forbidden for some reason, because of all the stories they say about it : it was, depending on the day, a bowling center, a movie theater, or even an aquarium. Well I put my labor days to an end walking on my fingertips behind Ms. Carlington until I reached the back door. It was neither a bowling center, nor a movie theater, nor an aquarium but a bowling theater in which the scgreen was actually made of an atomically desintegradable windows through which one could look on the OAA gardens. From one scgreen window to the floor there was a huge stainless steel slide. The OAA gardens, I did not believe Jamieson when he told me about them. It is too bad he is not there anymore, he was too curious and had to be teleported. I believe that all what he said about the OAAs is actually true. First, compared to the OAA citizens, we terribly smell, and we are easily detectable by small military frogs.


They usually walk around in multiple of 2, never more than 10 though. If it happens that they are not in multiple of 2, one of them has to burn out within twenty one seconds so as to be in respect of the orders. 

Jamieson also told me I was supposed to find a long concrete nail which could go into the bowling ball hole. I had to be careful about which hole I was going to put the nail in since there are three of them, even though two of them are obviously useless. Can you really imagine any one with more than one finger? I don't even want to think about it, it's so disgusting. Well, my roommate has two on the right hand but some directors say it is a mutation, the one who said it was an inheritance from a common ancestor was teleported, like Jamieson. So I put the nail in the less circular hole, and on the scgreen appeared a pixelized pattern with a target. I stabilized my finger in the hole of the smaller perimeter and tried a first time to throw the ball on the scgreen target on the slide. I failed. My lifetime went half down on my Growth Processor Arrow. Hopefully, the second time, it worked out. I don't even want to think what could have happen to me otherwise. I became pixelized and I was blown through the scgreen. The OAA gardens were amazing, but I did not enjoy being there because of the military frogs around sniffing every biotic organism they encountered so as to detect any OYC smell. I finally ran to the top of the S-Building, and punched a hole in the steel structure of a Dog-shaped Balloon. I have never used one before, I don't even have a dogflying licence yet, and who knows if I will ever be able to get one now that I have to dogfly for the very first time without any experience. In a few minutes all the plans I have ever made for my future will be up in the ozone. I must have made too much noise breaking the steel layer, I should turn on the e..." 

It came with a glued passport-like page: 

From my researches I am able to make the hypothesis that OYC stands for the Only Youth Center and OAA for Only Adults Area. 
The Bowling Scgreen is a self sustained biological green screen. 
The Growth Processor Arrow in an implant measuring the average lifetime one individual has. 
The Dogflying balloon has been recently discovered by Professor Jeff Koons, at the MET University and is exhibited currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Historic District of New York City. 


"The truth is he hadn't come back. Nobody comes back who has once made the transatlantic voyage westward." ( H. Miller)

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