Post Modernism

(Picasso by Dora Maar)

It seems like each step we are making is just a negative image of the one that has been painted before; the white stain amid the black photographic paper.

(Man Ray)
It is easier to know what we don't want by looking backwards to the examples that have already been given to us. We don't want crimes, wars, famines, dictators, obviously, even if there will still be people who do. We don't want them because we have suffered from them. Besides, new philosophical concepts are most of the time elaborated due to criticism. Deconstructivism is a reaction against Constructivism, Dadaïsm is an anti-art art movement, Surrealism is against Realism and New Realism claims to be against Abstract and Figurative art at the same time. However even if most of the things humans have done seems to be against what have done by their predecessors, humans are able to create their own footsteps, driven by Reason, Creativity maybe just by their Humanity after all. They will have to. It is not possible to keep on going against the past. We don't want crimes, wars, famines, dictators, obviously. But what do we want?

(Marcel Duchamp)

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