The Sirens of Titan

"History: (26.) Everybody on Mars came from Earth. They thought they would be better off on Mars. Nobody can remember what was so bad about Earth."

" Mankind flung its advance agents ever outward, ever outward. Eventually it flung them out into space, into the colorless, tasteless, weightless sea of outwardness without end."

"The discovery of the chrono-synclastic infundibula said to mankind in effect: 'What makes you think you're going anywhere?' "

"Constant smiled at that-the warning to be punctual. To be punctual meant to exist as a point, meant that as well as to arrive somewhere on time. Constant existed as a point-could not imagine what it would be like to exist in any other way."

K. Vonnegut

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notmtwain said...

What a great book. Just reread it for the first time since high school. Hard to believe it was written back in 1959. It still seems modern. That quote about the discovery of the chrono-synclastic infundibulua is one of my favorites.