The World from a single window

"It is always easier to look at the world from a single window" he concluded closing half way down his upper eyelid to avoid the aggressive rays of the sunset. He was starting to think, while struggling assembling like the pieces of a chinese puzzle all the options possible in his life, that he would rather have no alternative. He has always done his best to keep all the doors open. He was one of those kids who prefer to have a taste of every single sample of chocolate on the birthday table more than a slice of this big creamy and already precut brownie showing off among the strawberries. The problem is that life is not as easy as a piece of cake, and the world he lives in would seem much simpler if he chose a precut brownie. He has already had one of those, many times, and he is not the only one, everyone knows them. He knows their taste, the steps required to make them, their form, their width, their color, their composition, everything. He even knows how to make a bad one. However he is not sure exactly how he desires it. He certainly does not want it to be too creamy, or too hard, like a piece of cardboard, neither burnt nor cubic nor flat, nor black, nor white, nor grey, nor too sugary, nor salty, nor with too many nuts. Hell is easier to draw than heaven. He knows what he does not want but totally ignores what he really desires.

(Salvador Dali)

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